What to do in Holland

All about Amsterdam, budget friendly shopping, where to pick you own flowers, animals, our beaches and all my tips are kidsproof.

Most of you know our big capital city, Amsterdam. For me, Amsterdam is a beautiful city with a lot of old architecture with a lot of different backgrounds. When I go to our big city i usually don’t have a plan, the city will lead you, there is so much to do; one day isn’t enough. Museums like FOAM and Rijksmuseum Amsterdam give you a good impression of Dutchies and their creative minds. (these museums have art from all over the world and Dutch!)

Afterwards a good lunch will give you the energy you need for the day. I like the bazaar on the Albert Cuypstraat, for dinner Mayur on the Korte Leidsedwarsstraat has great indian food. If you would like to try our dutch food Moeders will serve you the best (you will find Moeders at the Rozengracht).

If you love shopping the best way through all shopping streets is from Central station, over the ‘nieuwendijk’, and then into Magna Plaza shopping centre. The ‘Kalverstraat’ had all kinds of shops, like Mango, River Island, H&M, Zara and Sasha shoes. I would definitely recommend the ‘negen straatjes’, where you will find thrift shops, small business and a few special shops. Still energy left? ‘Leidsestraat’ has plenty of clothing stores for you. For some exclusive shops the ‘P.C. Hooftstraat’ has it all, here you will find Dior, Gucci, Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo and Shoebaloo.

Afterwards a cocktail at the Bluespoon makes a the day complete, the Bluespoon has a great view next to the canals of Amsterdam.

If you like budget shopping and flewmarkets, the ijhallen has it all. Every 4 weeks you will find the ‘ijhallen’ at the NDSM-werf, it’s easy to get there by the ferry from Amsterdam Central station. For the best things you must me there early – by 9 o’clock!

Go to the Beach
For a relaxed day with sand between your toes a day at the beach will definitely give you some energy. But you must be warned: our Dutch sea’s have an odd color, they are dark blue maybe gray with a high sandy dunes. As a child I liked to play hide and seek there. Now I love to go to the beach with Jay and walk for a bit, play with the water and Jay always wants to take his ball with him.

You must drink a hot chocolate in the winter, this is typically Dutch. And in the summer I love to go to Club Zand in Castricum or Mango’s Beachbar in Zandvoort.

A dutch Farm
My little monkey loves all kinds of animals, so the farm is a must see. Jay has an allergy for cow milk so we tried goat milk from a goat farm. This wasn’t a hit because Jay didn’t like the taste. However, he loved the goats. In Amsterdam there is a goat farm where you can give the baby goat’s milk, Jay and I really loved this.

In April the cow’s will go outside for the first time after the winter, they will go crazy!

Picking flowers at the pluktuin Castricum
My kid loves to do things by himself so picking flowers gives him a bit of creativity and self-confidence. We love to go to the ‘Pluktuin van Piet’ in Castricum. The flowers go along with the months, in April there are Tulips and in the summer you can pick the most beautiful summer bouquet. Definitely worth it !!

May 27, 2017