Canggu with a kid

Canggu with a kid, a great place to start or and your trip true Bali. Canggu is definitely kids friendly because there hotspots, beaches and people. This are my recommendations, I would love to here what you thing about them.

Kubudiuma Villas Bali

We started our trip true Bali at Kubudiuma Villas Bali, we came here by night so the next morning we finally could see how it looked. Kubudiuma is next to a quiet road, at first we thought it wasn’t what we wanted but after seeing the whole town it perfect, not too busy so Jay could play everywhere. Kubudiuma has two swimming pools with comfortable beds. In about 5 minutes your by the sea. In 15 minuts you in canggu if you like to walk.

Premier surf camp
Reggae music on the background, the waves on the screen and good food on you plate.. They surf a mix of western food and Indonesian food. Normally priced, if you eat here you will spent around 80.000 per person maybe less.

Monsieur Spoon Canggu
A french tea garden with a mix of a western style and Indonesian furniture. The menu has croissants, tasty french cakes, pastries, salads and much more. A must-go for a good lunch. Pricing is above Indonesian food bars.

La Laguna Bali Restaurant & Beach Bar
I love Restaurant’s where indoor and outdoor come together. There have real good tapas and cocktails. So far this one is my favourite place to be in Bali.

Old Mans Restaurant
The backpackers and surf spot of Canggu, feel the beach spirit and enjoy the nightlife.

Tanah Lot
One of Bali’s most popular temples, note; you can only get in if you’re a Hindu. But this doesn’t mean you should not go, you should only go because of the wonderful and breathtaking pictures you will make. Most people go by sunset because of the great photos you can take. The rituals are in the morning, I think you must go then because of the culture you will meet but it’s up to you.

Cubby House Kids Club Bali
I think Bali is one big playground for kids, the only thing wants not a playground is the roads.. but if you kids need some kido time you can go to Cubby House Kids Club.

A luxury Indonesian restaurant, with an amazing staff, they’ve bunnies for kids. I love their interior it’s robust with a luxury twist. There food is amazing by its taste and is photo worthily. We’ve spent 380.000 for 2 persons.


May 9, 2017